Radu Jon| TheViolinGuy® | DJ Stradivari®

Radu Jon | Recording Artist | TheViolinGuy® | DJ Stradivari®

Singer | 12 languages | Violinist | Pianist | Guitarist

LED Glow-In-The-Dark Instruments | Laser Shows

Radu Jon puts on a one-of-a-kind show turning lasers into actual instruments.

Radu Jon aka 'TheViolinGuy' builds his own one-of-a-kind electric light up instruments for his live performances. Witness the evolution of music through laser technology as Radu Jon wows the general audience singing Top 40's and performing high energy music utilizing unique Laser Instruments and futuristic designed LED Light-Up Electric Violins that respond to the sound of music in this incredible show entitled 'Play the Light'

PlayTheLight™ | Laser Show trailer EDM music | Top 40 | Dance

Phantom of the Opera | Live TV broadcast Classical music | Vocal & Violin performance

Stage Setup | Light Up Instruments | Light Show Electronic Music | TOP 40 | Dance

'Vivir Mi Vida' cover song of Marc Anthony Latin Music | Vocal & Guitar performance

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@ViolinGuy Oct 17, 01:18

How do people describe you or talk about you when you're not around? I wanna be that… https://t.co/Clz5vS529H

@ViolinGuy Oct 15, 05:24

When you party with TheViolinGuy® , everyone is a rockstar 🤘 You're ALL in the music video now 👍👍 https://t.co/JonhHQ8C1l

@ViolinGuy Oct 13, 04:01

Radu Jon performing live in Dallas TEXAS at SOUK @TrinityGroves | https://t.co/MGS66Ut1C3 https://t.co/8gNkyxWEPF

@ViolinGuy Oct 13, 03:08

Radu Jon performing live in Dallas TEXAS at SOUK @TrinityGroves | https://t.co/MGS66Ut1C3 https://t.co/v4YuYPH46M

@ViolinGuy Oct 07, 06:23

Radu Jon performing live in Dallas TEXAS at Turkish Cafe | https://t.co/MGS66Ut1C3 https://t.co/IpKx3sDtQF

@ViolinGuy Oct 07, 02:17

Going live again tonight at Turkish Cafe 👌 #RaduJon #Me #Music #TheViolinGuyhttps://t.co/zoexCP7o1d

@ViolinGuy Oct 06, 02:28

RADU JON 'TheViolinGuy' live at SOUK in DALLAS @TrinityGroves https://t.co/NOserdiqx8

@ViolinGuy Oct 05, 10:05

Recording my own version of 'Get Lucky' by Daft Punk, video online soon on my YouTube channel - RaduJon 'TheViolinG… https://t.co/lNCzP6xlJV

@ViolinGuy Oct 03, 07:40

@panizmusic Basically everyone else is also a hardcore musician and recording engineer 😉 INs and OUTs 🙌

@ViolinGuy Oct 03, 07:39

@panizmusic At the bar getting crunk! You get your In at the bar and your Out on the sidewalk. That's how everyone… https://t.co/yXubzWwxbS

@ViolinGuy Oct 03, 07:15

Radu Jon TheViolinGuy live! https://t.co/aFffnXlHCj

@ViolinGuy Jul 07, 23:45

So I was thinking... how about you and I & @turkishcafeandlounge have a little fun tonight.. #RaduJon #me #music... https://t.co/oaLesCXyJz

@ViolinGuy Jun 30, 16:01

Still wearing the smile she gave me last night 😉#Music . #RaduJon #Me #ViolinGuy #LovNKaryn#Sing #Guitar... https://t.co/77rMfiJEcQ

@ViolinGuy Jun 24, 22:01

Anniversary party with the best entertainment in Dallas, today @turkishcafeandlounge . . . #party #music #me... https://t.co/jLxc941mgk

@ViolinGuy Jun 21, 17:10

We all carry a story within. What's yours? Empower the future generations with your success story. We were here.... https://t.co/cmVKL3TFQC

@ViolinGuy Jun 13, 01:42

"No other belly dancer can take your place/ Or match the beauty of your face" ( Cher remix ;) with @guzelkandemir... https://t.co/xHTf08XLN6

@ViolinGuy Jun 11, 13:56

I've built my instruments using several elements from cars. So you're looking at a guitar, a… https://t.co/Z7BnPUnkm1

@ViolinGuy Jun 09, 19:45

I said we're gonna party... and I'm a man of my word 😉 #TheViolinGuy https://t.co/W3HRmbPHc2

@ViolinGuy Jun 09, 01:10

Free rides to the best Moroccan Thursday nights @baboushdallas in uptown tonight! Come for drinks, stay for... https://t.co/RaZqggZUIZ

@ViolinGuy Jun 04, 13:39

I made you! ☝️😎 It's a guitar.. by the way.. . #RaduJon #Me #Music #TheViolinGuy #Singer . . . . .... https://t.co/xzeFhqqEs6

@ViolinGuy Jun 03, 12:22

Forever young started with my first note 🎶 #RaduJon #Me #Music #TheViolinGuy #Singer . Photo courtesy to... https://t.co/Ad6isX9wdQ

@ViolinGuy Jun 02, 21:02

Action! . . . #RaduJon #Me #Music #TheViolinGuy #Singer . . . . . . . . #uptowndallashttps://t.co/wlsDJ7cQqa

@ViolinGuy May 26, 22:39

Tonight, live @turkishcafeandlounge . FRIDAYS 8 PM - 12 AM in PLANO - Turkish Cafe & Lounge 8412 Preston Rd... https://t.co/w2mgrds1yd

@ViolinGuy May 26, 20:57

Celebrating 4 years with the most talented musicians, dancers & DJ's all in one place: the world-renowned... https://t.co/uOaWg1v8NR

@ViolinGuy May 25, 23:17

Follow @baboushdallas , the hot spot in Dallas for the best authentic Lebanese food you've ever had! We thank you... https://t.co/lpKQcQzNzm